Man discovered during police patrol

Karbala police reunite elderly man with family in Mosul after years lost

KARBALA — In a heartwarming display of community spirit, police in Karbala have reunited an elderly man with his family in Mosul after years of separation. The man, identified only as being in his sixties and with both legs amputated, had been living on the streets of Karbala, his memory clouded and unsure of how he had arrived there from his hometown.

His plight came to light when a community police patrol discovered him in the city’s old quarter, living in poor conditions and selling cigarettes to make ends meet. “We found him in a dire state,” a police source told 964media. “He could barely remember details of his life, but he mentioned being from Mosul and losing his legs in a terrorist attack.”

Touched by the man’s story, the Karbala police reached out to their counterparts in Mosul, who were able to identify his family residing on the city’s left bank. The family expressed their desire to bring him home.

Before embarking on the 440-kilometer journey back to Mosul, the Karbala police team ensured the man was well-prepared for the reunion. He received medical attention, a haircut, and new clothes. Accompanied by his newfound police guardians, he was escorted back to his relatives in Mosul.