Waste management at center of campaign

Halabja to launch week-long campaign to tackle environmental challenges

HALABJA — Halabja’s Department of the Environment is taking action on pressing environmental issues with a week-long campaign set to begin in March. The initiative, proposed by a local council and spearheaded by the department, aims to address various challenges, with waste management taking center stage.

The local council that proposed the initiative was established over a year ago on the recommendation of the environment department and involves 13 different government agencies.

While the campaign’s exact start date is yet to be determined, but Serheng Abdulrahman, who heads the environment department, told 964media that a launch date could be set for March 16 to coincide with the anniversary of the 1988 Halabja chemical bombing.

The week-long initiative is expected to feature different activities such as seminars, workshops, tree planting, and street performances.

Waste management, according to Abdulrahman, is the most significant environmental concern in Halabja, and will be prominent theme throughout the campaign, adding that officials are committed to tackling the issue.

Currently, Halabja lacks a large-scale recycling facility for waste management and existing small-scale plants, as Abdulrahman pointed out, are inadequate for the volume of waste and rubbish generated.

The initiative reflects a broader push towards environmental sustainability in the region. By raising awareness and encouraging responsible waste management practices, the Halabja campaign seeks to make a positive impact on the local environment.