Over half a million animals treated

Garmiyan livestock receive mass treatment to prevent disease spread

GARMIYAN — The Garmiyan Veterinary Directorate has launched a large-scale campaign, treating nearly 600,000 sheep and goats against diseases and parasites, and contributing to the overall health and productivity of the region’s livestock industry.

Dr. Osman Jamal, director of Garmiyan’s veterinary department, emphasized the importance of the initiative, stating, “This effort to control external parasites and prevent diseases has significantly reduced the incidence of parasitic infestations such as fleas, ticks, and lice, which in turn helps to stop the spread of bloodborne diseases.”

Over the past year, 2,425 livestock owners have benefited from the program, Jamal told 964media. The parasites not only cause discomfort and stress to animals but can also transmit serious bloodborne diseases, jeopardizing herd health and farm income.

The global livestock industry has integrated pest management tools, including the use of preventive measures such as vaccines against viral and bacterial diseases and treatments against parasites. The measures are considered best practice for maintaining animal health and productivity.

Seven veterinary health teams have been instrumental in administering treatments to around 571,368 livestock, utilizing a total of 8,225 liters of Deltamethrin. The synthetic insecticide effectively eliminates and repels various parasites, acting as a crucial defense against vector-borne diseases.

To date, Dr. Jamal reported, no cases of bloodborne diseases have been recorded in the area, and teams did not detect any incidents during their inspections, highlighting the success of a comprehensive approach to animal health management in Garmiyan.