Ahmed 'Abu Mazen' Al-Jubouri

Iraqi president apologizes for controversial governor appointment

SALAH AL-DIN – President Abdul Latif Rashid has ‘apologized’ for the appointment of Ahmed Al-Jubouri as the governor of Salah al-Din, citing violations of the provincial council and district election laws, as well as the unregulated governorates law. Al-Jubouri, known also as Abu Mazen, has a history of multiple convictions and was included in a general pardon with other pending cases still unresolved.

Despite the president’s apology, the Salah Al-Din Provincial Council confirmed its support for Al-Jubouri, emphasizing his entitlement to the governorship based on election results. This decision underscores the council’s defiance of the presidential office’s stance and highlights the ongoing political tensions within the region.

Al-Jubouri, leading the Jamahir party, secured a significant presence in the council following the December elections, signaling a notable return to local politics. His previous roles include a term as governor from 2013 to 2014 and a stint as minister of state for provincial affairs, a position later eliminated amid anti-corruption protests.

Throughout his career, Al-Jubouri has faced accusations of corruption and misconduct, yet he remains a prominent figure within the provincial council’s new administration.