Thirty-eight individuals selected

Iraqi ministry of higher education announces new staff appointments

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced on Wednesday the appointment of 38 individuals with postgraduate degrees to various positions within the ministry’s central staff.

According to a ministerial order issued by higher education Minister Naeem Al-Aboudi, the selected individuals hold either master’s or doctoral degrees, aligning with existing regulations and legislation. The names of those appointed are available on the ministry’s official website.

The order states that all appointees must begin their duties immediately.

University graduates have held protests in the past over demands for government jobs in a country where public-sector positions are highly sought after for the job security they afford.

Most recently, engineering graduates in Basra staged a demonstration outside of the South Gas Company on Feb. 12, demanding jobs in the Ministry of Oil and citing unkept promises for appointments by Minister Hayan Abdul Ghani.