After 10 years in ISIS captivity

Yazidi girl liberated from Al-Hol camp

SINJAR – The SDF has announced on Sunday the liberation of a Yazidi girl from Al-Hol camp, marking 10 years since her abduction by ISIS members in 2014.

The woman, named Kovian Eido Khorto, hails from the village of Hardan, north of Sinjar.

Khorto had been held captive in Al-Hol camp, where she concealed her identity fearing ISIS’s sleeper cells.

Her liberation was achieved through collaboration with the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in Syria’s Al-Jazira area, and the girl has since returned to her homeland.

Farhad Shami, head of the SDF Media Centre, posted on X that the rescue, part of Operation Humanity and Security III, was successful: “The YPJ has successfully liberated the Yazidi woman Kovan Aidi Khourto from ISIS in the al-Hol camp.”

Hundreds of Yazidi women remain missing in Iraq and Syria.