Three new halls in five years

Kirkuk’s banquet halls flourish amid growing demand

KIRKUK – In the past five years, Kirkuk’s banquet hall industry has undergone remarkable growth, evolving from just three primary venues to a bustling market driven by an increasing trend of renting spaces for events, especially graduation parties, alongside the rise of private universities.

Younis Al-Naimi, a hall director, told 964media, “In the first four months of the year, we see a surge in reservations from student groups. The cost varies based on the hall’s size, capacity, and decor, with prices ranging from one to 1.5 million dinars.”

Typically, wedding halls are open two to three days a week, primarily for weddings. However, during the graduation season from February to May, excluding Ramadan when celebrations are paused, securing an available date can be challenging.

Kirkuk has added three new halls in the last five years: Divan on Airport Street, Venice on Baghdad Road, and White Palace on Baghdad Road. These venues join established locations like High Life, Rahim Awah, Massaya, Four Seasons in Aden, and Live City (Shoraw), which also host smaller events such as conferences and seminars.

On the topic of safety, Mohammad Najat, a staff member at one of the halls, emphasized that nearly all venues adhere to safety regulations, including emergency exits and central fire extinguishing systems, a reflection of the strict oversight by authorities.

Wedding venues shuttered in Akre for safety violations

Wedding venues shuttered in Akre for safety violations