Move aims to ease congestion

Ibrahim Khalil border crossing allocates special lane for regular traffic to Turkey

ERBIL, August 15 — Officials at the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing announced on Tuesday the allocation of a dedicated lane for travelers and traders who regularly visit Turkey, as part of measures to ease congestion.

The Ibrahim Khalil border crossing is the only gateway connecting the Kurdistan region of Iraq to Turkey, and it is often crowded due to tourism and trade activities.

To address the congestion, the border crossing’s administration implemented a new mechanism, allocating a lane for those who visit Turkey regularly “more than once within 15 days.”

A statement from the spokesperson of the border crossing, Khalil Kamal, said: “Starting today, tourists and businessmen who travel to Turkey daily and weekly will not be treated the same as those who travel once a month, once a year, or every two years.”

“This mechanism will also assist tourists and reduce traffic congestion at the border crossing gate.”