French pastries gain popularity

Bakery in Anbar introduces modern treats to locals

AL-QAIM, August 14 — A sweets shop in Al-Qaim is offering distinctive varieties of biscuits and petit fours, crafted by skilled artisans who have worked for years in confectionery factories in the Kurdistan region. Despite their relatively higher prices, many locals prefer these treats over traditional offerings from other shops, thanks to their unique flavors and shapes.

Jbeilan Bakery has brought a modern approach to preparing petit fours and sablé to the markets of Al-Qaim, presenting various shapes and flavors that are well-known in the Kurdistan region.

The traditional petit four is sprinkled with sesame seeds and priced around 4,000 Iraqi dinars. On the other hand, a premium variety, with its different shapes, is filled with custard and adorned with chocolate, priced at 10,000 Iraqi dinars per kilogram.

Nour Ali, owner of Jbeilan Bakery, told 964: “The craft of making petit fours is not a simple task, as it requires a long process from preparing the dough and baking it, to filling and presenting it in a distinctive manner.”

“We follow a modern and innovative approach that attracts customers, in contrast to the methods followed by traditional bakeries.”

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