Al-Basheer Show has a rival now!

British Ambassador launches new TV show.

BAGHDAD, January 28 — A fresh twist in diplomatic engagement emerged as the British Embassy in Iraq unveiled the “Al-Safeer Show” on social media. Its inaugural episode featured Ambassador Stephen Hitchen taking a stroll down the historic Al-Rasheed Street.

Ambassador Hitchen, in a light-hearted jab at Iraqi media star Ahmad Al-Basheer, hinted that his foray into television might ruffle the feathers of the well-known host of the satirical “Al-Basheer Show.”

Announcing the show on all official embassy channels, Hitchen boldly took on the challenge of unseating Ahmad Al-Basheer. Speaking with an Iraqi dialect, he exuded confidence that his new show was causing trepidation for the Al-Basheer Show.

The origin of “Al-Safeer Show” goes back to Hitchen’s guest appearance on “Albasheer Show.” There, he touched on a range of topics, including a candid discussion about his fear of the “Ministry of Interior,” humorously referring to his wife.

With true British wit, the Ambassador quipped, “Ahmed Albasheer is afraid I’ll take the show from him! This is the first episode of the Al-Safeer Show with my friend Mufeed Abbas. He took me to his favorite place, Al-Rashid Street. Abu Shihab [Iraqi nickname for Ahmed], your days are numbered!”