Four police officers killed on duty

Iraq reports 49 death sentences for drug traffickers in 2023

BAGHDAD, January 27 — The General Directorate of Drug Affairs in Iraq reported that in 2023, 49 international drug traffickers were sentenced to death.

Authorities seized four tons of narcotics and 15 tons of psychoactive pills during the year. The Iraqi judiciary also issued life imprisonment sentences to 330 local businessmen for their involvement in drug trafficking.

In enforcement operations against drug trafficking, 16 traffickers were killed and 22 others injured. The operations also resulted in the deaths of four police officers, with 24 more wounded in clashes with drug trafficking suspects.

Kurdistan Region, not included in the sentencing figures, has its own judiciary and security forces.

These figures reflect the ongoing efforts and challenges in Iraq’s fight against drug trafficking, which has seen a massive uptick in activity recently.