Emerging from the rubble

Reconstruction works near completion at University of Mosul

NINEVEH, January 27 — University of Mosul is moving forward in overcoming the devastation of 2016, when ISIS used its buildings as headquarters, set fire to premises, and demolished the external wall. The university, which was 80% destroyed by 2017, has been actively reconstructing its facilities, with efforts ongoing to this day.

Osama Ahmed, Head of the Department of Construction and Projects at University of Mosul, told 964media that 95% of the damage inflicted during the ISIS control period has been rebuilt. The remaining work includes the reconstruction of the University Presidency building and the College of Veterinary Medicine.

“The post-liberation reconstruction efforts have included a complete and ongoing projects. And some which will commence shortly,” Ahmed said. Among the key developments is the near completion of the University Stadium, anticipated by the Mosul sports community, which stands at 75% completion. The stadium’s main facilities, including the arena, field, artificial turf, and guesthouse, are finished, with the canopy issue of the spectator stands resolved. Ahmed expects the stadium to be ready for matches within the next three months.

Additional projects include three open sports fields at the College of Physical Education, an indoor stadium for the College of Nursing, and the construction of an amphitheater at the College of Medicine. Rehabilitation work is also underway at the Dean’s office building at the College of Humanities.

Ahmed highlighted ongoing coordination with the Nineveh Governorate and the Reconstruction Fund for new projects, including a guesthouse for professors and students and equipping various colleges with advanced scientific laboratory equipment. The completion of the Computer Engineering College building and a seven-kilometer fence and gate project, with modern surveillance systems, are also part of the reconstruction efforts.

“We have ambitious plans in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education within the investment plan, and projects supported by the Islamic Bank will soon come to fruition.

“We envision 2024 as a year of achievements.,” Ahmed added, noting the financial challenges faced globally.

The university’s reconstruction has been supported by various national and international bodies, with a commitment to rebuild every damaged building.

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