Abu Alaa Al-Mohammedawi

A beloved street artist on Al-Mutanabbi street

BAGHDAD, August 12 — Artist Abu Alaa Al-Mohammedawi has become one of the most recognizable figures on Baghdad’s Al-Mutanabbi Street, with his personalized portraits requested by visitors to the cultural street.

Al-Mohammedawi told 964: “I don’t ask for money for the paintings I create. Instead, I leave it up to the owner of the artwork. I spend long hours before God blesses me, but my blessing is stronger on Fridays when the street is bustling with people and cultural enthusiasts.”

“I never studied art formally, but I learned it naturally from a young age. I kept drawing until I reached this point.”

Abu Ahmed, owner of a bookshop on Al-Mutanabbi Street, said: “All visitors to Al-Mutanabbi Street know Abu Alaa. He’s a friendly and kind man, loved by everyone for his sweet words and warm reception of people.”

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