80-percent from domestic tourism

Nearly 2 million tourists visit Erbil governorate in 2023

ERBIL, August 12 — Nearly two million tourists visited Erbil governorate from January through July of this year, according to the Erbil General Directorate of Tourism.

A total of 1,913,256 tourists visited sites around Erbil, with 80-percent of visitors coming from Iraq’s central and southern governorated. The remaining 20-percent were international visitors, and those coming from Duhok and Sulaymaniyah.

Nariman Fazel, spokesman for the tourism directorate, told 964 that Erbil welcomed more than 2.75 million visitors in 2022 and that aurthorities plan to provide more services for tourists by the end of this year.

According to Erbil tourism officials, there are 1,400 licensed sites in the governorate, with most tourists visiting Soran, Rawanduz, and Choman, in addition to the capital city.