Over weapons entry dispute

Armed confrontation erupts near Nasiriyah’s Turkish Hospital

NASIRIYAH, January 21– On Sunday evening, a security source provided updated information on the armed clash near the Turkish Hospital in Nasiriyah district of Dhi Qar governorate.

The incident unfolded when a person sought entry into the hospital while carrying a weapon to visit a patient. Hospital security intervened, denying access with the weapon, leading to a physical altercation. The armed individual then called for reinforcements, prompting police intervention to prevent further escalation. Subsequently, five companions of the armed person were apprehended.

Preliminary information suggests that the individual attempting entry with a weapon was associated with an armed group, and tensions escalated when another group joined the confrontation.

The clashes resulted in the burning of a vehicle and injuries to three individuals. Authorities are still investigating the incident.

Calm returns to Basra after early-hour clashes

Calm returns to Basra after early-hour clashes