Deliberate fire at women and children's hospital

Arson confirmed in Diwaniyah Hospital fire by police video

DIWANIYAH, 20 January — The Diwaniyah Police released a video on Saturday confirming that the recent fire at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital was an act of arson. This revelation came from footage obtained from surveillance cameras at the hospital, as stated in a police media release obtained by the 964 Network.

The police statement aimed to address rumors circulating on social media about the forensic report of the hospital fire. The Diwaniyah Governorate Police Command clarified that the findings were made on the day of the fire itself, before the formation of various security, administrative, and technical committees by higher authorities. The surveillance footage clearly indicated the fire’s deliberate nature.

The Diwaniyah Police emphasized the importance of relying on factual information and cautioned against being swayed by misleading news that distorts the truth. The police also mentioned possessing additional video clips relevant to the investigation, which have not been released publicly to maintain the integrity of the ongoing inquiry.

Some pages on social media have been sharing news about the forensic report on the Women’s and Children’s Hospital fire incident. We, the Diwaniyah Governorate Police Command, want to present the facts to the people of the governorate and confirm that the report was issued on the same day as the fire, which was before the formation of the security, administrative, and technical committees by the higher authorities. After reviewing the hospital’s surveillance camera footage, it was determined that the fire was caused by an arsonist, as shown in the attached video. The Diwaniyah Police Command is committed to conveying the truth and advises against succumbing to false news that aims to distort the facts and create confusion. It should be noted that we have multiple video clips related to this case, which are being withheld from public release to ensure the confidentiality of the ongoing investigation.

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