Sanabil Balad

Local agriculture in Salah Al-Din boosted with modern irrigation systems

SALAH AL-DIN, BALAD, January 17 – Sanabil Balad, a company specializing in the manufacturing of modern irrigation systems, is enhancing agricultural practices in the Salah al-Din region. The company provides devices comparable to imported sprayers, along with raw materials, maintenance services, and warranties.

Since its inception in 2021, Sanabil Balad has been continuously evolving. Its factory, which primarily produces wheat sprayers, is equipped with eight production lines and employs more than 58 local youths across morning and evening shifts. The factory’s goal is to produce the latest in local agricultural tools.

Ali Sadaar, the Sales Manager of Sanabil Balad, outlined the company’s progress and future plans: “We have now expanded our production by supplying tools to the northern governorates, especially Erbil. Our factory focuses on producing more tools that are scarce in Iraq, which many farmers currently have to purchase at high prices. This includes wheat field sprayers and their accessories.”

Sadaar also highlighted the factory’s competitive edge, noting its commitment to offering competitive prices, quality, and warranties, along with a certificate of origin for its products.

“In a first for the central and southern provinces, our factory is producing wheat sprayers, which were previously only available in Erbil. These sprayers undergo a 10-stage manufacturing process,” added Sadaar.

Sanabil Balad’s products have become a reliable resource for agents and agricultural offices not only in Salah Al-Din but in other governorates as well. The factory’s product range includes high-density polyethylene agricultural pipes, modern drip irrigation pipes, and various accessories, all contributing to the advancement of the agricultural sector in the region.