Thousands of trees and flowers planted

Abdul Hadi Abd transforms Najaf’s Forum garden into a green oasis

NAJAF, January 15 — Abdul Hadi Abd is dedicated to transforming his community by planting thousands of trees and flowers at schools, police stations, and hospitals.

Abd, an engineer and Director of the Martyr Forum, started a campaign four years ago and transformed the Martyr Sabah Al-Karawi Park in Najaf from an abandoned parcel of land into a thriving green space.

He has also successfully developed a compost industry in the area. Made from decaying plant matter, the organic fertilizer has contributed to planting efforts in government institutions and public places.

Abdul Hadi Abd, Director of the Martyr Forum:

The planting of the forum’s garden included seeds and saplings that we collected, resulting in a variety of trees and flowers.

We successfully propagated the Albizia tree, which withstands high temperatures, producing thousands of them. All agricultural campaigns are voluntary and free of charge.

The green space has become a safe haven for forum visitors in the summer when there is a power outage inside the sports halls.

There is no specific time for our work, and it may require continuous effort from early morning until evening. We collaborate with most volunteer teams and community organizations.

The pots where we plant are collected from nursery surpluses, and the seeds are gathered from donations or collected from various places.

The flower varieties we worked on propagating include Rose, Sultan’s Rose, Dawoodi, Lalla Abbas, and Mina Rose.

The trees include various types of Acacia: Candelabra, Golden Stick, Egyptian Acacia, and Iraqi Acacia.

In addition, there are trees such as Albizia, Pomegranate, Fig, Olive, Iraqi Apple, Sidr, Bengal Fig, and the Bambar tree as well.