Local directorate urges residents to report businesses

Traders in Zakho shift to online marketing after ban on e-cigarettes and vaping

DUHOK, January 15 – Two weeks after a ban on e-cigarettes and vaping came into effect,  traders in Zakho have turned to marketing their products online.

In response, the local officials are urging residents to report businesses promoting the contraband items on social media platforms.

Kovan Avadil, director of the local market monitoring directorate, shared with 964media:

“Through the press and 964media’s platform, we have learned that electronic cigarettes and vaping products are being sold online.

The decision to ban these is to end the usage of these devices, not to be sold online. Through your platform, we request anyone with information about any place selling vapes and electronic cigarettes online to inform us.

In November of last year, all places selling electronic cigarettes and vaping products in Zakho were warned that they would be banned starting in 2024.”