"Where did you get this from?"

Iraq’s integrity Commission to inestigate wealth of governors

BAGHDAD, 14 January — The Integrity Commission of Iraq is set to launch an investigation into the significant increase in wealth among governors, as part of its ongoing campaign “Where did you get this from?” This campaign, operating through provincial investigation offices and directorates, aims to address corruption and reinforce transparency in governmental financial dealings.

A statement by the Integrity Commission:

“The past year was a foundational one for the Commission’s achievements, laying the groundwork for our future operations,” stated Haider Hanoun, the head of the Federal Integrity Commission. During a meeting with directors and investigators of the Commission in Baghdad and the provinces, he urged the staff to maintain their escalating pace and quality of operations. He emphasized the need for constant oversight and evaluation of investigative and auditing teams, acknowledging their accomplishments in the previous year and promising full support for their ongoing tasks.

Hanoun stressed the importance of establishing clear and precise performance metrics. These would be used to evaluate investigative and auditing staff, rewarding high achievers, and focusing on the amount of funds preserved or retrieved for the state treasury and the status of individuals under investigation or apprehension.

The Commission will initiate a file on financial inflation and activate the “Where did you get this from?” campaign across the provinces, building on the achievements since its inception in April last year. Hanoun concluded his remarks by highlighting the importance of coordination and collaboration between Commission investigators, inquiry judges, and the judiciary’s oversight role, praising the Supreme Judicial Council’s commitment to combating corruption and resolving cases promptly.