Market opens at 3 a.m.

Insight from Basra’s poultry market shows local preferences and pricing dynamics

BASRA, January 15 – The workday starts at 3 a.m. for vendors in Basra’s poultry market, located in the city’s historic district, where sellers say they prefer to source chickens from local farms, as well as from Nasiriyah and Diwaniyah.

The most sought-after chickens are 35-45 days old, with prices ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 Iraqi dinars per kilogram.

Ali Haider owns a poultry shop in the market and said he buys chickens of up to four kilograms based on his customers’ preferences.

“Chickens at this age are in demand because of their good weight, tender meat, and ease of cooking. The wholesale price per kilogram has dropped to 2,750 dinars, while it can reach 4,500 dinars during holidays and religious occasions,” he shared.

Distributor Hussam Taleb detailed how sellers price their chickens, saying, “We sell a kilogram of chicken for 4,000 dinars, factoring in transportation, rent, and potential spoilage during transit and the effort of the journey.”

“Despite the recent decrease in chicken prices, sales remain lower compared to the rest of the year,” he added.