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Kurdistan Tourism Board promises accessible spaces for the elderly and disabled

ERBIL, AUGUST 8 — The Kurdistan Region’s Tourism Board announced on Monday its intention to allocate spaces within tourist areas for the elderly and people with disabilities, highlighting the absence of laws protecting rights for people with mobility challenges.

A field investigation conducted by 964 confirmed that most tourist areas in the Kurdistan region do not have designated spaces for the elderly and people with disabilities. The Tourism Board stated that it will take this objective into account in its future projects.

Ibrahim Abdulmajid, media representative of the Kurdistan Tourism Board told 964: “Most tourist areas have not allocated spaces for the elderly and people with disabilities, but we will consider this demographic in our upcoming tourism projects.”

“Since the establishment of these tourist places, there has been no law or decision that mandates the provision of comfortable areas for these two groups. However, we will work towards this by providing guidance on tourism project management.”