Five brothers

Video: Fish-roasting venture attracts attention in Sawa village

KHALIFAN, ERBIL, January 10 – In the Sawa village, a small-scale fish-roasting enterprise, founded by five brothers, is gaining popularity for its distinctive flavor. Operating out of a modest kitchen and room, the brothers’ venture has become a point of attraction for many visitors.

Muhammad Khalid, one of the brothers involved in the business, shared their experience with 964media. “My four brothers and I earn our livelihood by working here. On certain days, we manage to sell between 40 to 50 dishes of fish, while on other days, we don’t sell a single one! The distinctive taste of our fish sets it apart. We utilize clean spring water in our fish pools, which our customers find enjoyable.”

Despite its remote location away from the main road, the brothers’ fish-roasting business has developed a dedicated customer base. Patrons make daily visits, drawn by the unique flavor of their fish, underscoring the success of this family-run enterprise in the village of Sawa.