Citizes urged to call hotline to report suspects

Intelligence Agency arrests ISIS suspects involved in terrorist activities

KIRKUK, August 7 — Iraq’s intelligence agency on Monday carried out the arrest of two suspects affiliated with the ISIS terrorist organization in Kirkuk, one of whom held a position within the so-called “Islamic Police.” The other suspect participated in an attack against the Peshmerga forces while wearing traditional “Kandahari” attire.

The agency issued a statement, received by 964, which read:

In accordance with the esteemed Minister of Interior’s directives to pursue the remaining remnants of the ISIS terrorist gangs, the specialized counter-terrorism intelligence units in Kirkuk successfully apprehended the two wanted individuals, following the provisions of Article 4 of the Anti-Terrorism Law.

According to gathered intelligence, the two suspects were members of the ISIS terrorist organization. One of them served as a leader in the so-called “Islamic Police” and was responsible for rigging and detonating homes belonging to security force members. The other suspect participated in combat against the Peshmerga forces while donning the traditional “Kandahari” attire. During the interrogations, the suspects openly confessed to committing these crimes.

The intelligence agency calls upon the public to promptly contact the toll-free hotline 144 to report any individuals engaged in unlawful activities to aid in their pursuit and apprehension.