'A necessity to preserve the unity of Iraq'

Shirwan Dobardani emphasizes the importance of Coalition Forces presence in Iraq

BAGHDAD, January 9 — A deputy from the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc, Shirwan Dobardani, has said that the presence of Coalition Forces, led by the United States, is a necessity to preserve the unity of Iraq.

Dobardani anticipates their withdrawal could lead terrorist groups to launch attacks against the Iraqi Army and Peshmerga. He also mentioned existing contracts with the Coalition for the maintenance of defensive equipment and critical weapons.

Dobardani questioned, in the event of their departure, who would be responsible for such tasks?

Speaking in an interview, Dobardani said:

We are defending Iraq and its security stability. The withdrawal of Coalition Forces is not in Iraq’s best interest. The Kurdistan Region is a part of Iraq, and what happens there affects the entire country. The bombing of Erbil and the drones targeting residential areas cause panic among the people.

We have an army and security forces, but we must not forget the widespread corruption in state institutions, which is a factor weakening us. Currently, we do not have sufficient capacity to counter terrorism on our own.

Who will maintain the defense equipment owned by the Ministry of Defense if Coalition Forces are withdrawn? There are contracts in place regarding this matter.

The Coalition Forces have the right to respond and defend themselves, as they always mention in their statements that they have informed the Iraqi government of their response. Iraq cannot bear more terrorism and instability.

The presence of Coalition Forces, led by the United States, is a necessity to preserve Iraq’s unity. We all know that if these forces leave, there are terrorist groups prepared in areas between Kurdistan and Mosul, such as Makhmour and others, and there will be repeated attacks on the army and Peshmerga in Nineveh.

There is still a danger from ISIS in Iraq, and we are concerned about the existing dormant cells. Therefore, the presence of the Coalition is necessary, and we need it.

We all support the rights of the Palestinian people, but whoever speaks on behalf of the resistance in Iraq and Palestine, the path of resistance is known. Anyone who wants to resist should go ahead and launch their missiles and drones against Israeli forces there.