Warns against sharing pin numbers

Rafidain Bank emphasizes responsible use of electronic cards

BAGHDAD, January 9 — Rafidain Bank issued a notice to customers on Tuesday emphasizing that electronic cards must be used within the declared spending limits, and warning against sharing pin numbers with other people as well as withdrawing funds outside the country.

The bank issued a statement, which said:

The electronic card offers various benefits and features, notably in the areas of deposits, withdrawals, shopping, and daily financial transactions, replacing the need for manual cash transactions.

In this context, Rafidain Bank underscores the importance of cardholders acting within their declared income limits. This is especially crucial for electronic cards issued to employees and retirees, linked to a bank account. Users are urged to handle these cards responsibly, filling them with amounts aligned with the maximum allowed and in-line with the monthly salary or declared income as per the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing law.

The bank also warns citizens against giving their cards and pin numbers to others who might withdraw funds outside the country, as this could contribute to money laundering activities.

Dear citizen, your card is your financial identity, so ensure its usage adheres to legitimate purposes both inside and outside Iraq.