Efforts to prevent environmental violations

Citizen apprehended for illegally felling trees in Qaradagh

QARADAGH, January 8 — In Sulaymaniyah’s Qaradagh district, the local Forest and Environment Police apprehended a citizen engaged in the unauthorized cutting of trees.

The Sulaymaniyah Environment and Forestry Police Directorate confirmed the arrest, highlighting the incident took place in Chami Smora village.

Hemn Kamarkhan, the directorate’s spokesperson, informed 964 that the suspect was caught while cutting down trees in the area. Following the arrest, law enforcement seized the wood.

Simultaneously, in the village of Ziyakai Bazian, the forest police confiscated a well drilling machine, a car, and an electric generator in coordinated efforts aimed at curbing environmental violations. The suspect in that case managed to flee the scene before the arrival of the police team.