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Maysan faces challenges in pet care and medication as winter arrives

MAYSAN, January 9 – With the onset of colder weather, pet and bird owners in Maysan are increasingly seeking veterinary assistance to protect their animals from seasonal diseases. Concurrently, there is a concern over the unauthorized sale of animal medications in Al-Amara’s bird market.

Ali Majid, a local veterinarian, noted that birds are particularly susceptible to diseases like Salmonella and Coccidia during the humid winter months. These conditions necessitate proper diagnosis and regular medication. He expressed concern that some pet shop owners, lacking adequate experience in treating such diseases, resort to purchasing medication from veterinary clinics.

Samir Faisal, another veterinarian, pointed out that while cat and dog owners usually understand the need for regular vaccinations and check-ups, there is a tendency among some to administer treatments improperly, potentially harming their pets. He emphasized the role of veterinary clinics in providing expert care, highlighting the issue of some businesses taking on this responsibility without proper authorization or oversight.

Karim Al-Lami, a bird shop owner, defended his role, citing his extensive experience in understanding and treating bird diseases, along with implementing regular disinfection processes in his shop. Despite veterinarians’ diverse expertise in treating pets and livestock, bird shop owners like Al-Lami often take on similar responsibilities based on their experience.

Dr. Basim Oraibi, director of the veterinary hospital in Maysan, acknowledged the ongoing efforts by the Economic Security [Department] and the Veterinary Doctors Syndicate to monitor these shops. He mentioned that despite commitments from some shop owners to comply with regulations, adherence remains inconsistent, leading to occasional shop closures during inspections.