Violators to face arrest and fines

Erbil civil defense warns residents against polluting and setting fires

ERBIL, January 3 — The Erbil Civil Defense Directorate has issued a warning to residents that individuals found polluting the environment or setting unauthorized fires will face arrest.

Frequent fires, particularly on the outskirts of cities and towns, have prompted the Erbil Environmental Office to take action. Dilshad Hirani, the office’s director, emphasized that individuals reported for starting fires that result in substantial smoke will face punishment, encompassing both fines and arrest, in an effort to deter repeat offenders.

Erbil Civil Defense Directorate spokesman Karwan Mirawdali told 964 that individuals who burn tires or light fires, except during the the Newroz holiday, will be subject to arrest.

Persistant air pollution around Erbil, at times lasting for several months, is attributed in part to factory emissions as well as fires started by residents.