CPT releases figures for last year

Eleven killed, 13 injured in Turkish attacks on Kurdistan Region in 2023

ERBIL, January 2 — Turkish airstrikes and military operations in the Kurdistan Region resulted in the death of 11 civilians and injury of 13 others in 2023, according to a United States-based organization dedicated to monitoring such incidents.

Kamran Mullah Osman, a member of the Community Peacemaker Teams (CPT) organization, informed 964 that drones accounted for seven fatalities, while warplanes claimed three lives, and one civilian fell victim to Turkish landmines.

“Among the 13 individuals injured, Turkish drones were responsible for 10 cases, while three were injured by Turkish landmines,” Osman added.

The highest toll was recorded in Duhok governate, with five fatalities and three injuries, followed by Erbil, where one person was killed, and eight were injured. Sulaymaniyah recorded five deaths and two injuries.