2,000 drivers protest new rule

Iranian fuel mandate sparks truck driver strike at Parwez Khan border crossing

SULAYMANIYAH, January 2 — Truck drivers at the Parwez Khan border crossing between the Kurdistan Region and Iran initiated a strike on Monday in response to an Iranian directive halting trade movement.

The estimated 2,000 drivers were protesting a new directive mandating drivers refuel their trucks upon entering or exiting the crossing, with a $200 fine per vehicle for non-compliance.

Expressing his discontent, one driver stated, “We will prolong our strike until this decision is abolished.”

Speaking to 964, Parwez Khan supervisor Abbas Ismail highlighted that Iranian authorities issued the order without consulting the officials at the crossing, causing heightened concern among the drivers.

Iranian border officials are slated to meet with their counterparts on the Kurdistan Region’s side of the border on Tuesday for discussions aimed at resolving the issue.