Abandoned by family, living on the streets

Community police in Karbala rescue homeless man and provide him shelter

KARBALA, January 2 — Community police in Karbala have reportedly found shelter for a homeless man in his fifties who had been living at the doorstep of the Abu Al-Fahd Shrine on Imam Hussein Street in the Old City.

The man, originally from Baghdad, has received medical treatment and been approved for transfer to a nursing home in the city.

A security source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told 964:

The community police continue to search for humanitarian cases throughout Karbala to contribute to improving their conditions.

The situation of the 55-year-old homeless man is tragic. He came from Baghdad three years ago after previously residing in his father’s house. However, his circumstances took a turn for the worse after his father sold the house, and his siblings abandoned him, leaving him without a place to stay.

He sought refuge on Imam Hussein Street in the Old City, near the Abu Al-Fahd Shrine. The community police closely examined his situation and contacted his family by phone, but they refused to take him in.

The community police transported the homeless man to a hospital for examination and treatment. After obtaining all necessary official approvals, he was immediately transferred to a nursing home in Karbala.