Amid Tight Security

Baqubah’s down town Lights Up with New Year’s Celebrations

BAQUBAH, DIYALA, January 1 — As the clock struck midnight, the heart of Baqubah on Tabou Street transformed into a vibrant hub of celebration, welcoming the arrival of 2024. People from various regions of Diyala gathered in the city center, their spirits undampened by the challenges of the past year.

The festivities saw an outpouring of joy and hope, with many children dressing up as Santa Claus, adding a whimsical touch to the occasion. Fireworks burst into the sky, painting the night with colors, as people bid farewell to 2023 and ushered in the new year.

Local businesses on Tabou Street played a significant role in amplifying the festive atmosphere. Restaurants and shops provided music and gifts, seizing the opportunity to attract customers and boost sales.

Security was a paramount concern, with more than 200 personnel deployed along Tabou Street. Their presence was part of a meticulously planned operation to ensure the event’s safety. Security forces controlled the entrances and exits, allowing only pedestrians to enter, thereby creating a safe and secure environment for the families and individuals in attendance.

Among the crowd, Maytham Haider talked to 964media, expressing hope for a different and more peaceful year ahead, especially for Diyala, a province that has witnessed its share of strife. His words echoed the sentiment of many, yearning for security and safety in their homeland.

Adding a personal touch to the narrative, Rasul Laith, another celebrator, recounted his achievements in 2023, including launching his own business – a library.