10-year-old Andy Karzan stuns

Iraq concludes Arab Table Tennis Championship with 16 medals

SULAYMANIYAH, August 5 — The Arab Table Tennis Championship concluded at the University of Sulaymaniyah on Friday with Iraq securing 16 medals.

The Iraqi national team earned three silver medals and 13 bronze medals across various categories.

Mohammed Al-Hassani, the media spokesperson for the Table Tennis Federation, stated: “We achieved good and promising results, especially in the Seedlings category, where 10-year-old player Andy Karzan won the silver medal in the Singles event in his first participation. This is evidence that Iraq is coming strong in future tournaments.”

The Iraqi team trained for the championship in a training camp in Iran, while most Arab countries held training camps in Europe and Eastern Asian countries, known for their excellence in table tennis.

Egypt secured the first-place ranking in the medal standings, followed by Bahrain in second place, and Tunisia in third place.

Arab participants praised the well-organized event and the noticeable presence of the Iraqi audience, as well as the quality of hotels, streets, and hospitality.

The closing ceremony was attended by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Ahmed Al-Mubarak, the Deputy Chairman of the Olympic Committee, Aqeel Mafteen, an advisor to the Prime Minister, the Governor of Sulaymaniyah, the President of the Arab Table Tennis Federation, the President of the African Table Tennis Federation, and heads of various Arab sports federations.

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