Winter food festival

Traditional Mosul dishes on display

The “Dhi for Culture and Art” foundation, with support from the delivery service app Tip Top, held a winter food festival at Martyrs’ Park in Mosul. This event was a celebration of Mosul’s traditional and heritage-rich winter cuisine.

Mohammed Al-Bakri, the head of the Dhi Organization for Culture and Arts, emphasized the foundation’s dedication to art, theater, and cultural heritage in Mosul. The festival aimed to support women in the culinary field, providing a platform for them to showcase their products and to preserve the city’s unique culinary traditions. The festival saw a large turnout, with visitors from across Iraq enjoying the variety of dishes on offer.

In addition to food, the festival included a theatrical performance focusing on supporting working women, along with competitions for those with limited income and various musical and singing performances.

Abeer Elias, a cook at Mazaq Mosul Restaurant, participated in the festival, offering a range of traditional dishes, some of which are at risk of being forgotten, like Zabibiyah, Barmah, Bambar, and Kubba Dak. She regularly participates in such festivals, viewing them as opportunities to promote and revive Mosul’s rich culinary heritage.

Attendee Ayman Al-Hayali expressed appreciation for the festival, noting Mosul’s reputation for excellent cuisine. He highlighted the accessibility and affordability of the dishes, including local favorites like Bajah with Bambar and Dolma.