Social welfare and employment

Iraqi ministry of labor unveils ambitious plan for 2024

BAGHDAD, December 27 — Minister of Labor Ahmed Al-Asadi announced today, Wednesday, that the ministry’s plan for the upcoming year will include expanding social welfare coverage, providing employment opportunities for the unemployed, and facilitating access to loans. The ministry allocates an annual budget of 400 billion dinars exclusively for loans.

Al-Asadi emphasized in an official statement, that “our plan for the next year includes expanding the coverage of families under social welfare.” He explained that “the plan will witness the launch of a campaign to identify those who are not eligible for assistance so that these rights are granted to their rightful recipients.”

He added that “the plan also includes launching a campaign related to employment, the Social Security Department, and employing the unemployed through loans.” Al-Asadi clarified that “the ministry has already launched the first batch of loans according to the amendments, and we have an annual budget of 400 billion dinars exclusively for loans.”

He noted that “the loans are 20, 30, and 50 million dinars,” stating that “the year 2024 will be a special year for loans.”