Winter flu season takes over

Increase in pediatric cases at Erbil children’s hospital amid winter’s onset

ERBIL, December 27 — Dr. Jamal Ahmad Rashid Children’s Hospital in Erbil has seen an influx of up to 500 children per day in recent weeks, and as many as 50 patients requiring admission, with the winter flu season underway in the region.

According to Pishdar Abdullah, the hospital’s director, this year’s winter outbreak is milder compared to the previous season, but children with underlying conditions such as lung, heart, and respiratory diseases face heightened severity, demanding extended care.

The hospital, however, is equipped with an intensive care unit to cater to the needs of critically ill children.

Abdullah advised parents, particularly those with children having chronic illnesses, to steer clear of crowded places, advocate for mask-wearing, and prioritize their children’s hygiene as crucial measures to ward off winter and viral diseases.