Says the Ministry of Natural Resources

Fuel shipment delays to Kurdistan Region

ERBIL, December 24 – The Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region has reported delays in receiving fuel shipments from Baghdad. This was discussed in a meeting with local administration heads and governors, focusing on fuel allocation and electricity distribution across the governates.

The Ministry announced that it had completed all necessary procedures to receive a shipment of 50 million liters of fuel designated for the Kurdistan Region, but noted delays in the actual delivery.

In response to the region’s energy challenges, a decision was made to conduct a survey in the upcoming spring to assess the distribution of electricity across the governates. The aim of the survey is to gather information on the current allocation of electricity and identify areas for improvement.

The meeting also addressed the issue of electricity violations. The Ministry is conducting an ongoing campaign to curb these violations, aiming to maintain a stable and equitable electricity supply in the region.

Additionally, the meeting included a report on the implementation of the prepaid electricity system in the Kurdistan Region. The Ministry confirmed that this system is currently in use and will continue to be deployed as part of the region’s energy management strategy.