Duhok Dam up by 48 centimeters

Surge in dam water levels in Kurdistan Region over 24 hours

ERBIL, December 24 – The Kurdistan Region has recently experienced a significant increase in dam water levels, thanks to continuous rainfall. In just the past 24 hours, notable dams across the region have reported substantial rises in water levels, a positive development for the area’s water management and agriculture.

Rahman Khani, the Director-General of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s dams, told 964media that the Duhok Dam, in particular, has seen an impressive increase. The dam’s water level rose by 48 centimeters during this short period, reflecting the impact of the persistent rainfall.

Other dams in the region have also experienced significant increases. The Dukan Dam, an essential source of water in the area, saw an increase of 8 centimeters. The Darbandikhan Dam, another critical water reservoir, witnessed a rise of 14 centimeters. Notably, the Dinarta Dam experienced a remarkable 100% surge in its water level, indicating a substantial boost to its water reserves.

These developments are particularly significant given the Kurdistan Region’s reliance on its dams for various purposes, including irrigation, water supply, and hydroelectric power generation. The Ministry of Agriculture reports that the region currently operates 17 dams, with an additional 10 under construction. This expansion of the dam network highlights the Kurdistan Regional Government’s ongoing efforts to enhance the region’s water management infrastructure.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the Kurdistan Region currently boasts 17 operational dams, with an additional 10 under construction. These developments underscore ongoing endeavors to fortify the region’s water management infrastructure.