prohibited by the ministry of health

Lower demands for scheduled births on Jan 1st

SULAYMANIYAH, December 24 — A significant decrease in the previously common practice of scheduling childbirth on specific, aesthetically pleasing dates has been observed this year. Obstetricians and gynecologists in the region have reported a marked decline in such cases compared to previous years. This practice, often more prevalent in private hospitals, involved pregnant women coordinating to give birth on dates like January 1 or February 2, especially when the day and month matched the year (e.g., February 2, 2022).

Shler Fayeq, the director of Sulaymaniyah Maternity Hospital, told 964media that these cases often arise in private hospitals. Mothers requesting specific dates for childbirth sometimes put themselves in difficult situations. However, medical evaluations typically find that premature births are unnecessary, leading to the rejection of such requests.

Gynecologists and obstetricians in Sulaymaniyah revealed to 964 that the phenomenon has significantly waned compared to previous years. Instances were recalled when three doctors in a private hospital performed approximately 50 childbirth surgeries.

The KRG’s Ministry of Health, through its spokesperson Dr. Sarkar Surchi, has issued an official order prohibiting the scheduling of childbirth on specific dates. Dr Surchi told 964media that “This order applies to all hospitals. The decision aims to curb the trend of scheduling births on dates considered aesthetically appealing, a practice that poses health risks to both mothers and infants”.

A health committee is also set to visit private hospitals to enforce penalties on those who violate this prohibition. The practice, while intriguing, has raised concerns due to the potential negative health impacts on both mothers and newborns, especially when it involves premature deliveries.