Suspect arrested in Kirkuk

Iraqi security agents apprehend individual celebrating Saddam Hussein

KIRKUK, December 23 — The national security apparatus in Kirkuk successfully apprehended an individual on Friday who appeared in a video celebrating near the governorate building, praising Saddam Hussein. and displaying his images alongside a group of others.

The suspect was subsequently referred to the relevant authorities.

In a statement received by 964, the national security apparatus said:

In accordance with the Law Prohibiting the Dissolved Ba’ath Party, No. 32 of 2016, which includes pursuing promoters of the ousted regime, National Security units in Kirkuk governorate, following field monitoring, arrested an individual seen in a video celebrating near the new governorate building. He was glorifying the tyrant and displaying his images with a group of other individuals. The suspect was referred to the competent authorities, with a proper legal record. In a related development, the Criminal Court of Kirkuk issued a five-year prison sentence for ten individuals affiliated with a network previously apprehended by our units in Kirkuk. They belong to the banned Ba’ath Party and were actively promoting it on social media. During the investigation, they confessed to their affiliation with the prohibited party.