Finale scheduled for December 28

Yazidi woman advances to finals of Miss Middle East and North Africa pageant

SINJAR, December 23 — Yazidi pageant contestant Gulistan Guro has successfully qualified for the final stage of the Miss Middle East and North Africa competition, scheduled to take place on December 28.

The competition features 20 contestants from various Arab countries who have advanced to the final stage after several rounds of competition. Guro is competing as contestant number eight and is vying for the crown in the regional pageant.

Guro spoke to 964 and said, “At the age of 25, I am currently working as a nurse in the Khanke district of Duhok governorate. In 2021, I participated in the Miss Iraq competition and secured the third position.”

“My goal in participating in this competition is to convey the heritage and history of my homeland, Iraq, to the Arab community and the world. I aim to shed light on the pain and struggles of the displaced people of Sinjar,” she added.

“I aspire to win this competition to continue humanitarian work and provide assistance to the victims of war.”