Boosts water storage and tourism prospects

Erbil’s Gomespan Dam nears completion

ERBIL, December 19 – The Gomespan Dam, an ambitious infrastructure project in Erbil, is nearing completion, with reports from the official Erbil governorate page stating that it has begun accumulating rainfall. The dam covers an extensive area of over 6 million square meters and is expected to significantly enhance the region’s water storage capacity, aiding in drought prevention and providing clean water resources.

This new addition to Erbil’s landscape is anticipated to invigorate the tourism industry and contribute positively to the local climate.

With the dam’s stature at 70 meters high and extending 512 meters long, it is designed to hold up to 115 million cubic meters of rainwater. Once operational, it will rank as the largest dam in Erbil and the third-largest within the Kurdistan Region, following the Dukan and Darbandikhan dams.