As the special voting for elections kicked off

Thousands of (PMF) members participate in special voting for Provincial council elections in Iraq

December 16 — Thousands of members from the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) gathered on Saturday morning as the special voting process commenced for the upcoming local elections in Iraq. This significant turnout reflects a strong participation from the PMF, contributing to the electoral proceedings amid stable and well-coordinated security measures.

In a statement, the PMF announced the initiation of special voting for both security forces and PMF members in the 2023 Provincial Council Elections. “The process began smoothly, with thousands of PMF fighters converging at designated centers set up by the Independent High Electoral Commission. This participation marks a crucial step preceding the general voting day, highlighting the dedication of PMF members to the democratic process.”

“The special voting unfolds in an atmosphere of stability and high organization, overseen by security agencies and the Independent High Electoral Commission. As the electoral event progresses, the focus remains on ensuring a secure and efficient process, emphasizing the importance of a fair and inclusive democratic exercise in Iraq.”