Rawanduz Municipality to spearhead the project

Bekhal to undergo transformation bringing more greenery, rest areas, and bridges

RAWANDUZ, December 14 — In a bid to enhance the scenic appeal of Bekhal, the local municipality is spearheading a project to transform the area with more  greenery and the construction of tourist bridges and rest areas.

Financed by the Soran Autonomous Administration, the initiative is set to be executed by the Rawanduz Municipality, as confirmed by Mayor Chiayi Mohammed Hassan.

The project reportedly will unfold in multiple phases, with the current focus on an initial 300 meters of roadway.

With the road spanning between Bekhal and Rawanduz measuring five kilometers, additional stages are envisioned for the future, according to the mayor.

Despite a decision recorded in the mayor’s office, practical steps towards implementation have yet to be initiated.