Passion for sound

Abu Rabea’s audio repair journey in Tal Afar

NINEVEH, December 12 — In a small shop in the “Qanbar Dara” area in the heart of Tal Afar town in Nineveh province, “Abu Rabea” spends his day repairing audio devices for cars and homes. He states that his motivation goes beyond earning money; he finds joy in the profession he loves.

Customers from various western areas of Nineveh, such as Sinjar, Rabia, Zummar, and Tal Afar itself, praise Abu Rabea’s work. His son, who inherited his father’s profession, assists him in the business, showing a strong connection to the trade.

Mohsen Mohammed Sadiq “Abu Rabea” – Audio Devices Repairman for Network 964:

“Since I was in my twenties, I learned to repair radios and cassette players. I had a shop in the ‘Bab Al-Toub’ area in the center of Mosul, where I worked continuously for 25 years. Later, I moved to my hometown, Tal Afar.

Radios and cassette players have evolved over time. We used to repair a type called ‘Al-Lamba,’ then came ‘cassettes,’ followed by CDs, memory cards, and smart devices.

My repair work includes audio devices for cars and homes. Some still buy and use old radios and cassette players, and at the same time, I install and maintain modern audio devices for cars.

I will not leave this work despite my advancing age. I do not pursue it just for financial gain but find joy in it, spending leisure time and connecting with people.”