Ban comes into effect in 2024

Market surveillance committee in Zakho prepares to ban e-cigarettes and shisha

DUHOK, December 9 — The Market Surveillance Committee in Zakho is gearing up to implement measures prohibiting the trade and sale of electronic cigarettes, vapes, and shisha. Violators will reportedly face stringent legal actions starting from the beginning of next year.

Kovan Avdal,  Director of the Committee, told 964, “We aim to have 100 percent control over the phenomenon of electronic cigarettes and shisha. So far, the Kurdistan Regional Government has not officially announced any decision in this regard.”

“Trading, advertising, and the use of electronic cigarettes and shisha are prohibited according to the knowledge of the judicial authorities in Zakho,” he added. “Shop owners must send their goods outside the city during the remaining period of this year, or they will be legally pursued starting from early 2024.”