Digital payments platform connected to 1,000 ATMs across Kurdistan

KRG reports over 175,000 registered users of MyAccount initiative

ERBIL, December 6 — Approximately 175,000 people have registered for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) MyAccount initiative that aims to facilitate digital payments for public-sector employees and beneficiaries.

Registration for the project is ongoing and officials hope it will help streamline access to banking services like loans and savings accounts, as well as digital payments.

Presently, the 175,381 registered users can securely and transparently access their salaries via a network of more than 1,000 ATMs located throughout the Kurdistan Region. Five banks are participating in the project, through which the KRG transmits funds.

The MyAccount initiative extends beyond salary transactions, offering functionalities for online purchases, remittances between accounts, and receipt of international remittances.