Remnants from ISIS, other militants, and Ba'athists

Explosives discovered in Tuz Khurmatu’s Yangija district

TUZ KHURMATU, December 5 — Explosives and hazardous materials were discovered in Tuz Khurmatu’s Yangija district by the Hashd Al-Shaabi, or Popular Mobilization Forces, 63rd Brigade.

The cache of weapons was identified as remnants left behind by ISIS fighters, other extremist groups, and former Ba’ath regime officials who operated in the area over previous decades.

Ali Hashim Husseini, official spokesperson for the northern front of the Hashd, confirmed that forces had successfully located and secured several militant hiding spots within Tuz Khurmatu.

The recent findings comprised of mortars, RPGs, and various improvised explosive devices, all of which were examined by a bomb disposal team before being safely detonated.

The explosives are believed to be remnants from ISIS fighters, and included bombs and other hazardous materials scattered along the border region.

Husseini emphasized the importance of citizen awareness and for locals to exercise caution and stay away from areas where the risk of bombs and explosives persists.

Situated two kilometers from Tuz Khumatu district, Yangija was overrun by and controled by ISIS fighters for two years starting in 2014, along with several other locations in the surrounding area.