Impact of early marriages and social research

Legal expert explores formal marriages and pictorial divorces

December 2 — Legal expert Sahar Al-Hashemi discussed the phenomena of “formal marriages” and “pictorial divorces,” emphasizing the role of social researchers in uncovering these cases. She also highlighted the responsibility of early marriages in contributing to the failure of many unions, alongside the rising rates of marital infidelity.

In an interview with journalist Ali Emad, Sahar Al-Hashemi stated:

“The divorce figures are no longer just a phenomenon; they have become an epidemic. Commonly, marital infidelity due to unthoughtful openness to social media and the marriage of underage boys and girls, where there is no law to punish such acts, are among the most prevalent causes of divorce. I have a case of an 18-year-old girl who was married for only 10 days. The husband had autism. Today, the procedures are faster than before. Social researcher Maytoul Khalk mediates between the spouses, and with one session, he writes his report. Pictorial divorce, aimed at obtaining social protection benefits, falls under the manipulation of the law, as well as forgery, depending on the nature of the case, and the amounts are retroactively recovered. Legally, the intent of divorce must be genuine. If it’s artificial, the wife remains lawful because the divorce is pictorial. With the legislation of the social protection law, there is a role for social researchers in social care departments. They inquire with the head of the neighborhood and neighbors in divorce cases to uncover the truth; this is the role of the department. Formal marriages, undertaken to obtain land or cash compensation, are matters like these, but most likely it is for obtaining a salary due to the extremely low economic situation.”